The department is affiliated with the Japan Foundation and is in an active working relationship with the Embassy of Japan. Through affiliations and cooperation of these sources, opportunities are offered for students’ and teachers’ training in Japanese language learning language development programs every year.

Welcome to Department of Japanese

The Department of Japanese Language resides as an independent department at the National University of Modern Languages. It includes an Administrative Head and teaching faculty of Japanese language. The department was established in 1981, and initially beginning as a language training program for officials in different government services with prospects for performing diplomatic duties in Japan, it has also attracted students from different fields and with different interests. The central educational purpose for both working professions and students in the Japanese department is to acquaint them with the language in all its forms, and introduce them to the Japanese culture in its wider contexts; and prepare them with communicative competence in Japanese for an efficient and effective performance in their desired contexts.
The Department presently offers Certificate, Diploma and Interpretership courses and plans to offer advanced diploma courses in the future. The department of Japanese Language is committed to excellence in teaching and is responsive to the multicultural, multilingual context. Its goal is to advance the learning of Japanese language and language use in its broadest frames of reference.

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